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In-Store Success for FMCG, Malls and Retailers

We offer ready-to-use and end-to-end marketing solutions catering to FMCG brands, shopping malls, retailers, and SMEs. These tools are designed to translate clicks into actual dollar revenue for our clients.

Popular Features
  • Digital voucher system to drive and track in-store sales with Zero POS integration
  • Smart receipts platform to reward customers based on total spend, items purchased, or lifetime value
  • Gamification featuring Spin & Win, Digital Stamp Cards, Digital Scratch Cards, AR, and more
  • SKALE PushAds, Deploy Advanced Retail Digital Marketing Ads in 4 Steps, 60 Seconds
  • Omnichannel marketing automation and 1-minute pixel integration

Lead Generation and Automated Follow Up for Global Real Estate

Our unique real estate solutions are designed to help real estate marketers convert ad clicks and enquiries into verified and engaged leads.

Real Estate Popular Features
  • Largest proprietary real estate targeting sets to reach Global Property Investors
  • Automated Lead Pre-Qualification
  • Automated Lead Follow Up and Nurturing via Chatbot
  • Lead Generation Widget for your website
  • Real Estate Online Sales Capabilities and Virtual Tour
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Find out more about our unique solutions tailored for each industry

Together with SKALE, Indonesia’s leading retail chain achieved 7x ROAS after launching a digital voucher platform. The hypermarket acquired 8 million shoppers and a 145% increase in basket size.

  • Digital voucher platform featuring hundreds of tenant promotions
  • Geofencing ads to capture shoppers near participating stores
  • Real-Time Sales Tracking In-Store through QR codes and short links
  • Automated SMS and email personalization to drive repeat visits

One of Malaysia’s largest shopping mall groups partnered with SKALE for digital stamp cards. 18x ROAS and $4.5 million tenant sales were achieved.

  • Geofencing ads targeted shoppers near participating malls
  • Digital stamp card where users can upload receipts from participating tenants
  • Automated SMS sent to convert high value shoppers into app members
  • Omnichannel experiences to drive repeat visits

SKALE collaborated with a global footwear brand for downloadable vouchers and achieved 3,500 voucher downloads, 143x ROAS, and 34x ROI in the first 7 days.

  • Converted in-store promotions into downloadable vouchers
  • Leveraged Hyperlocal Ads to Acquire New Customers and Drive Sales Uplift In-Store
  • Hyperlocal ads to acquire new customers and drive sales uplift in-store
  • Real-time tracking of customer data and in-store conversions

A leading real estate developer in SG collaborated with DREA to acquire leads for a residential development in D15, and acquired over 900 leads to date.

  • Ongoing lead generation campaigns targeted to people looking for new launches
  • Post-launch retargeting campaign to capture interested leads
  • Automated lead filtering and SMS follow-up
  • Search and social media ads to drive traffic and brand recall

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The marketing solution that grows with your business. PushAds helps you drive visitors, gain exposure and win new clients through Social Media Platforms and Hundreds of Websites easily! Find out more about our unique solutions tailored for each industry: Real Estate or Retail.

Popular Features
  • Set up within 4 Steps, 60 Seconds
  • Ready-made Campaigns to Drive Sales and Conversion
  • Automated Creation of Target Audience Segments for your Business
  • Built-in Ad Optimization for Each Industry
    • Auto bid adjustment and optimization
    • Auto placement selection and optimization → Auto search keyword optimization
    • Day parting and scheduling optimization → Dynamic Ads
    • Proprietary Pixel Tracking System
  • Provide Quality Support that Scales with your Business

Ready Made Full Funnel Solutions

Do better from Day 1 with our ready to use industry funnel that brings your clients from an Ad to the action that is most valuable for your business, be it a conversation or a sale.

For Real Estate
  • Lead Filtering and Lead Pre-Qualification
  • Automated Lead Nurturing and Lead Follow Up via SMS
For Retail
  • Digital QR Code Vouchers for Physical Stores
  • Automated Voucher Reminders via SMS
  • Plugins for E-commerce Remarketing
  • Omnichannel Solutions

Lead Generation on your Website

A new and better way to help you turn visitors on your website into valuable leads and buyers.

Popular Features
  • Add Contact Forms and Pop-ups with No Coding Required
  • Automatic Follow-up with Leads Collected on Forms
  • Customize Follow-up for Each Lead
  • Track and Analyze where your Leads are Coming From

Plugin for E-Commerce Marketing

For Retail Only. Use our retail extensions to complete all the steps necessary to unlock e-commerce marketing without engineering resources.

Popular Features
  • Simple Implementation to Automate Everthing Neccessary to run Full-Fledge Digital Marketing Ads
  • Automatically Uses SKALE Pixels to Collect and Track your Site Visitors to run Retargeting Ads
  • Generates a Feed of all your Products to Sync with Facebook and Google to Run Dynamic Ads
  • Automatically Create Audience Segments for your Business