Capture, validate, and own first-party data and customer insights​

Automatically collect and own your offline and online customers’ first-party data all year round, from names and emails to preferences and transactional data.

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SKALE crafts a robust strategy to consistently capture data from every touchpoint, leveraging it to maximize lifetime value.

Lead Forms

Marketing Data


Segment users by 


Segment users by 

We help brands turn customer data into powerful audience segments and create personalized, impactful experiences.

Lead Forms

Lead prospects to customizable lead forms to capture first-party data and audience insights.​

Data captured:

Smart Receipts

Automatically collect transactional data through image uploads of physical or digital receipts.

Data captured:

Chatbot Surveys

Launch chatbot surveys to collect your shoppers’ first-party data, attributes, and preferences.

Data captured:

Digital Vouchers

Convert promos or rewards into downloadable vouchers and track real-time redemption both offline and online.​

Data captured:

Game Registrations

Collect shopper data before granting access to a game.

Data captured:

Analytics Dashboard

Automatically collect and unify all data points into a single dashboard to develop a holistic view of audience segments.​

How GrowthDesk Captures Data

At the heart of our success lies Studios by GrowthDesk, our award-winning experts with years of experience in digital marketing, creative development, campaign management, and strategy.

P&G collected first-party data and purchasing insights from grocery shoppers in Hypermart stores across Indonesia and instantly rewarded them with special discounts.


Drive revenue growth across the customer lifecycle with GrowthDesk's ACE Framework.​


Activate audiences across multiple channels with the most complete suite of plug-and-play solutions to launch compelling marketing strategies that drive action.

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Automatically collect, validate, and manage customer data to create powerful customer profiles. 


Use real-time data and customer insights to enable personalized engagement that increase customer lifetime value.

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